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What Happens to our Users

Easycoreg is a purely transparent system, which is open to your scrutiny at your convenience. It's aim is to provide you with a tool for monetising your sign up process from a datashare relationship with us. We do this by a number of means, but first lets see what happens to your users when the get to your page with an Easycoreg content unit on:

1.   Visitor interacts with content unit
Your visitor is faced with a form, by which they can ask for further information about a number of offers (coregs that you chose) simply by filling in their email, name and ticking the boxes of coregs that interest them.

2.   What happens when they submit
When they hit submit, there details are stored in our base, and the information that they have asked for is sent to them via email. In the email along with the information is your tracking link to the offer which they click on to complete the action (request freebie or service). The stored information is available for you to download if you should wish, and the information we take is able to be sent direct to your database should you want.

The user is stored in our base, along with the areas that they are interested in (category ie freebies, competitions etc).

3.   Lifetime Revenue Share
We will then market to them category specific promotions, no more than twice a month, using your tracking link. Which will mean you will continue to see a revenue from this user as long as they stay in the base.


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